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Size. This gives it the best chance to snag the bass who might be interested. VMC Finesse Neko Hook. They come in a half-dozen sizes. 1 or No. With an o-ring on my plastics, I can present a worm completely different than I can with a … Hook Size Qty/pk Stock Price Qty; SSN#1/0BNPP: Black Nickel: 1/0: 4: Low Stock: 5: $4.99: SSN#1BNPP: Black Nickel #1: 4: In Stock: 5+ $4.99: SSN#2/0BNPP: Black Nickel: 2/0: 4: Low Stock: 5: ... VMC Weedless Neko Hook. The real secret to catching big bass is to know how to match the color of your lure to the conditions of the water. Details. It is more effective when you are fishing in deeper water. $4.24 shipping. Can’t imagine it wouldn’t work this time of year. These hooks are easy to rig for powerful hook sets and increased bait action for Neko-wacky fishing. The Neko rig is a simple thing to put together and doesn’t cost much, either. The VMC® Spinshot Neko Hook is crafted specifically for the deadliest finesse techniques in tournament bass fishing – Neko and wacky rigging. He told me about it before I went to Powell for a spring trip. The other thing I’ve started doing is threading my plastic bait on my hook rather than nose hooking it or hooking it in the middle. With an o-ring on my plastics, I can present a worm completely different than I can with a shaky head, drop shot or unweighted wacky rig. Straight shank bass hooks have become the go-to flipping and pitching hook style for many bass anglers yet they're underutilized in drop shot fishing. FAST 'N FREE. Ned is the most meticulous note-taker and documenter of his fishing efforts, and his logs reveal no problem with hooksets or thrown hooks with these tiny hooks. The parts I use to build it are simple and straightforward. The VMC Ike Approved Neko Hook is designed with the perfect offset for not only holding your plastics in place on a wacky rig but all for the right pull point when you go to reel set on a fish with light line. You want to have the nail weight touching the bottom and the tail of your bait sticking straight up in the water. How to Catch Lots of Bass This Winter With These Simple Tips, 7 Good Areas To Find The Best Bass Fishing Spots, 4 Good Lures Fall Bass Fishing 50 Degree Water, Bass Fishing Heavy Weeds & Grass in Ponds & Lakes, Water Temperature Affects on Bass Fishing - Part 2: Identifying what to use fishing, What is Float and Fly Fishing - How, When, and Best Setup Bass Fishing. 1 and the 1/0 sizes on the Neko Hook and often fish either a 1/16-ounce Neko Weight or a 3/32-ounce Half Moon Wacky Weight when I'm fishing out deep. The links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I use to “Krak” some bass on the neko rig. Patrick often uses a size 1 or 2 hook and goes to a 1/0 size hook for larger baits. My numbers went down quite a bit with the 1s. See Details Only 2 in stock - order soon! The neko rig is fairly weedless, you have an exposed hook but the o-ring keeps the hook up off the bottom so it doesn’t get hooked up very often. Neko Hooks and Weedless Neko Hooks feature a black-nickel finish, wide gap, 3-degree offset point, resin-closed eye and a forged, long shank. In addition, the keeper is adjustable for different rigging (great for Texas rigging!) It’s typically very light, and you can throw your bait a little farther on a spinning reel than you can on a baitcasting set up. Neko Rig Bass. Neko rigging soft plastics is one of the most popular finesse bass fishing tactics for its ability to trigger bass under most circumstances. Plus, You don’t need a ton of hook setting power which is another good reason to use a spinning rod. I learned about the neko rig from one of the employee’s at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Sometimes I get distracted with throwing other things, but this rig will produce fish. I go with a #1 or a #2 about 90 percent of the time. This thing can produce a lot of solid fish. The reason being, the exposed lead gives you solid contact with the bottom that you can feel in a sensitive rod. Soft Plastic Worm Baits Owner Jig Rig Tungsten Weighted Hook - Choose Size… Forged for maximum strength; offset point helps you drive the barb home with authority. Hope this helps put a few more bass in your hands. When I fish smaller profile baits with lighter line I use size #1 Owner Mosquito hooks. You really only need 3 simple things to get yourself set up with a neko rig. The other effective way to fish it is to give it the ole twitch, twitch, pause. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); // ]]> I refer to the Neko Rig as a modified shaky head rig. How You Can Know The Perfect Lure Color Without Wasting Your Precious Fishing Time Experimenting. Somewhere around a seven-foot rod and 2500-size reel is best. 2. I like the No. The Neko has a resin sealed eye to keep your line secure and not slip off. This is also referred to as wacky rigging the hook. Nail Weight: I like to use a 1/8 oz weight on the bigger senko’s, and if I fish a smaller bait I’ll drop down to the 1/16oz size. Keep your line tight, so as to keep the tail from just flopping on the bottom. VMC Neko Hooks are made from high-carbon steel with a super-sharp point and a long shank. TitanX Wacky/Neko Hook has become the preferred drop shot and wacky rig hook of tournament anglers nationwide. The threading gives me a much higher hooking percentage. VMC WNK#1BNPP weed less niko hooks. You want to make sure the senko stays straight after the weight is inserted. //

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