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Discover the best Women's Sweaters in Best Sellers. How it feels: Soft and smooth without the overprocessed, slippery feel of other affordable cashmere sweaters we tried. It’s the sort of piece you might drape over yourself on a brisk morning or slip on “just in case” before heading out. It isn’t particularly showy, but it has a subtle, luxurious vibe that looks great with almost anything. The higher the gauge number, the more open-knit and lightweight the sweater. How it feels: Perfectly soft with a smooth rather than fuzzy feel and just the right heft. Fit: The Essential is a classic crew that’s comfortable but never restrictive, and it’s still formfitting enough to look fashionable. Why we love it: It was the most pill-resistant in our test, and there’s a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from. An increase in the sizes of goat herds grazing on the plains of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and parts of the Himalayan mountains, paired with an orchestrated surge in processing capacity, has resulted in an abundance of low-quality cashmere sweaters selling for as little as $40 at fast fashion retailers. Well-finished ribbing around the neck, cuff, and waist bodes well for longevity, too. The once rare and luxurious material is no longer exclusively for the budget-less shopper—cashmere sweaters can now be a staple in anyone's winter wardrobe. 19, which has a badass green snake design emblazoned diagonally across its rich blue front. Shop our picks for the best cashmere sweater in every silhouette and find your new favorite. But the body of the sweater felt mushy and too flimsy for something so expensive. For stray pills, use a sweater comb, a small accessory designed to glide across taut sweater surfaces (video) and gently remove pills without damaging the knit. Bottom Line: Grade-A Mongolian cashmere makes this $100 sweater an incredible value. Of all the sweaters we tested, it received the most attention—and compliments. We gravitated to this sweater because of its relaxed fit and a utilitarian design that made it feel less precious than our other picks. Your guide. "Essential luxury" might seem contradictory, but it sure does describe a cashmere sweater! The durable ribbed cashmere is resilient and springy. The White + Warren’s open, airy weave isn’t as warm or hearty as the knit of many other sweaters we recommend—it’s more delicate, so it could snag, and it’s more prone to stretching—but that’s what makes it so light to wear and versatile for all weather and all outfits. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. What they all share is high-quality construction that—with proper care—should last for seasons, as well as a flattering and comfortable fit and that silky-soft sensation you get only from cashmere. USERS SAID: "This is a great cashmere sweater that I wear a lot during the winter as my go-to with jeans.It's good quality, it's warm, it fits well, and it feels good on. It comes in five gorgeous neutral hues and reviewers love the longer length, making this an easy option to pair with leggings or to try a French tuck for an easy slouched effect. Photo: Rozette Rago, We’ve found that the collar is especially resilient—even after putting the sweater on dozens of times. It had a sweatshirt-inspired design, which was fun, but the cashmere was very lightweight and stretched terribly, causing a baggy fit that made the arms look as if they were melting. For a person who wants the comfort of cashmere with extra durability, Patagonia’s sweater is perfect for traveling or hiking but also wouldn’t look out of place at the office. No, but the subjective appeal of fashion is often more emotional than rational, and they deliver that unique feeling of wearing something truly special. Shopping at Italic requires a membership, for which customers must pay a $120 annual fee. It’s also dry clean recommended, which can get pricey. But both sweaters we tested made our wearers a little itchy, especially around the sensitive crook of the elbow. In response, reputable cashmere brands such as Naadam and Leret Leret have begun advertising greater transparency about their sourcing and practices (PDF) to differentiate themselves (video) and appeal to more discerning buyers. 19, A luxurious women’s turtleneck with a catch: Italic Relaxed Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, Versatile cashmere that’s rugged and practical: Patagonia Men’s Recycled Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, A lightweight women’s cardigan for layering: White + Warren Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan, Naadam Essential $75 Cashmere Sweater Mens, Naadam Essential $75 Cashmere Sweater Womens, The same soft cashmere with a slimmer fit, Naadam’s The Essential $75 Cashmere Sweater, Zalaa Jinst white goats in Mongolia (PDF), 12-gauge knit and the quality of stitching, Italic Relaxed Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, Patagonia Men’s Recycled Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, White + Warren Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan, White + Warren’s Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan, glide across taut sweater surfaces (video), Saks Fifth Avenue Collection Cashmere Roundneck Sweater, Equipment Sanni Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater, director of product development and technical design, Amicale Cashmere, luxury branding executive, LFP Collective. The classic crew neck, soft feel, and wide variety of colors and sizes make it tempting to buy more than one. If you find that your preferred size and color is available and you want to take a gamble, you may get lucky, but we think our pick from Naadam is much easier to buy and an overall better sweater at a pretty similar price. Nadia Monosova of Amicale Cashmere pointed out in an interview that most mid- to higher-grade cashmere sweaters should reveal fully fashioned marks, which look like small, upraised marks usually found running along the shoulders or where the arms meet the body of the sweater (places that often need extra reinforcing). Regardless of whether a cashmere piece is labeled as “dry clean only” or not, it can and should be hand washed. The quality and cost of cashmere depend upon many factors, but they mainly boil down to a combination of the length and fineness of the goat’s fleece and the skill and precision with which it’s collected. Move over, Woolite — after 35 hours of washing 40 fabric swatches in 22 different washes, Soak beat out competitors to become the best delicates detergent. Lexie Sachs earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Fiber Science from Cornell University, and she researches, tests and reports on fabric-based products ranging from sheets, mattresses and towels to bras, fitness apparel and other clothing. It’s a light-to-medium-weight knit with enough density to keep a chilly breeze from seeping in. More details:• 2-ply, 100% cashmere• Relaxed fit• Hand wash or dry clean• Available in XS-XL. Some of the best cashmere doesn’t feel supernaturally soft, as it retains a natural firmness reflective of longer fibers (they’ll become softer with wear and time). We think this sweater will last a long time. For the past few months, however, it has been almost impossible to buy from Uniqlo, as we’ve seen problems with availability, canceled orders, and undependable shipping. It’s also available in regular, plus, and petite. We also recommend investing in a long-handled boar-bristle cashmere brush to remove lint, fuzz, and dust between wears and washes. You don’t always need to follow the directions on clothing labels. Video: Rozette Rago, Though thin and delicate, the White + Warren sweater is well made—fully fashioned marks on the shoulders demonstrate reinforcement where it counts. Every sweater we called in was made with 100% cashmere fibers, except for one sweater, which had 5% wool. Fit: The dropped shoulder and the cropped length that hits at the waist aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but our 5-foot-9 female tester found the cut of the size small “just right.” The arms were also long enough to cover her hands, but she found that they looked cute cuffed or scrunched up, a complement to the sweater’s easygoing style. With 14 colors and a wide range of sizes (XXS to XXL) to choose from, almost anyone can find an Essential that’s to their taste. Its ribbed knit adds amazing texture and feels durable and extra warm. The Italic Relaxed Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater feels like a high-end cashmere sweater but costs less than $100. Photo: Rozette Rago, It’s long and drapey—perfect for layering over or under other clothing. Fit: Turtlenecks can sometimes feel restrictive, but on this sweater Italic hits a nice balance between fit and feel with a relaxed torso, fitted—but not tight—arms, and long ribbed cuffs that hold their shape. Although most of our picks are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes, some fashion brands offer only limited sizing. Patagonia’s attention to detail around the collar, cuffs, and hem are particularly top-notch, with each tightly ribbed section operating as a bouncer to keep out any cold riffraff trying to sneak in. Take note: It pilled faster than other styles, and it’s the most expensive of our picks. The most affordable sweater we recommend is the perfect entry point into the world of cashmere. How it feels: Thick and soft, with a ribbed knit that’s luxurious, warm, and super durable. The men’s version in medium had some extra room in the chest and around the arms but still didn’t look or feel too boxy on our tester’s 5-foot-9 frame. According to Derek Guy of Put This On, “the best cashmere sweaters came by the way of Scotland prior to the 1990s,” but the industry has since become a victim of globalization, and most remaining Scottish companies now operate as brands in name only. The sizing spans from XXS to 3XL, and several styles are on offer, including crews, V-necks, and turtlenecks for both men and women. Instead, use baby shampoo or wool wash to wash by hand; this approach effectively removes dirt or stains and keeps the cashmere soft and supple. Look for 2-ply or higher; single-ply cashmere is prone to develop holes quickly. The goats subsist on meager diets while enduring frigid winter temperatures, and thus they have evolved to grow a double fleece of coarse wool on top and a dense cloud of extremely fine, soft hairs underneath. To properly recommend cashmere sweaters that really go the distance, I’ve spent the last two months ordering various cashmere sweaters, trying them on, sending some back, washing others, and generally comparing one cashmere sweater … The best cashmere sweaters for men, according to stylish men, including turtlenecks, crewnecks, v-necks and more. How it feels: Pleasantly soft, with a delicate, airy knit. The Saks Fifth Avenue Collection Cashmere Roundneck Sweater looks stylish, with a slim and flattering cut, a cute split hem, and an interesting knit detail running down the back. The harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning can strip the fibers. The company sells men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as some home goods such as bedsheets and cookware. That typically means the maker has overwashed or treated the fibers with chemicals to soften them. Cashmere can last for years if properly cared for, so it’s important to take the time to learn the material’s quirks. Something kinda strange in the fashion world happened recently: cashmere became affordable and accessible. The Patagonia did a great job of retaining body heat when we wore it on cold autumn mornings; it’s ideal for layering while you’re exploring a city, hiking a trail, or even snowboarding. The Leret Leret No. The sleeves of a size medium hit just past the wrists of our 5-foot-9 male tester, but the cuffs are long enough to roll up if necessary. A cheap cashmere sweater made of short-length fibers pills more easily than a sweater made with high-quality longer-length fibers, but both eventually pill. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The v-neck sweater is more on the casual side than the formal side of men's fashion however you can make it work with slacks and a pair of wingtips. The cut is roomy and might fit more athletic builds, but our 5-foot-9 male tester found the forearms too long in relation to the rest of the sweater. More details:• 2-ply, Inner Mongolian cashmere• Semi-fitted• Hand wash• Available in XS-3X and petite XS-XL. It felt only a little slick—it was probably lightly finished with chemical softeners, but it felt better than some other cashmeres we tested, such as the almost greasy-feeling sweater we tried from J.Crew. We tested two crew necks, and their construction was decent, with pretty good ribbing at the cuffs, collar, and hem. The cashmere is perfectly soft against the skin and feels substantial without any itch whatsoever. Published December 4, 2020. Kallspin Women's Cashmere Wool Blended Deep V Neck Sweater Relaxed Fit Soft Knit Sweater Long Sleeve Pullover for Fall Winter 4.2 out of 5 stars 409 CDN$ 32.99 CDN$ 32 . $100.00 Shop Now. It’s also longer than other styles, so it’s perfect for the casual wear-with-leggings look. The sweater was clearly made to last for years, if not decades, but in the end we didn’t like its style enough to justify its very high price. Although it's not 100% cashmere, Everlane's ReCashmere is remarkably soft, just like its more expensive Grade-A counterparts. Good-quality cashmere begins with the raw material, which is why cashmere brands are often secretive about where they source their fibers and the fiber length or micron diameter of their cashmere. The Best Cashmere Sweaters. Discover the models of women's cashmere sweaters by United Colors of Benetton. The Essential embodies cashmere at its most versatile, as a light-to-medium-weight sweater with a buttery-soft feel that isn’t prone to pilling and springs back into shape when stretched. We rubbed the sweaters with our hands to check for excessive pilling, and we closely inspected the seam work for loose threads both inside and out. The issue isn’t restricted to cashmere alone, with textiles, apparel, and footwear industries within the region all cited, and the concerns encompassing virtually the entire global fashion industry. Video: Rozette Rago, The cuffs, collar, and hem on the Naadam Essential are well made, especially for the price. As for the membership, Italic’s business model is much like that of Costco; one membership gives you access to buy anything Italic manufactures, at cost. Compare that figure with the massive 1.08 million metric tons of wool (PDF) that’s produced in the same period, and factor in a growing global appetite for luxury goods, and you understand why cashmere remains an expensive commodity. We tested one with a badass snake graphic, but you get an assortment of playful designs to choose from. Take note: Though some testers called the style “classic,” others  said it was “blah” and “plain-looking.”. Dirty cashmere is like catnip for moths. Flaws but not dealbreakers: The collection favors graphic and fun designs that aren’t to everyone’s taste. Nothing can soothe the sharp chills of cold weather quite like a soft, snuggly cashmere sweater. There’s a lot to like about Uniqlo cashmere sweaters. The Best Cashmere Sweaters of 2020 1. Perfect for layering, it’s not too thick or heavy and can be worn year-round. Most cashmere sweaters (and many of our picks) are made to 7-gauge (7GG) and 12-gauge (12GG) specifications. After a few weeks of wear, this sweater’s neck hole hasn’t lost any shape, even with one tester’s rather large head repeatedly popping through. Then, we called in 31 women to rate each sweater for softness and appearance. Those small details plus a slightly slouchy cut give this sweater much more casual-cool style than you get from your run-of-the-mill turtleneck. And If there's one thing we recommend splurging on during the fall and winter months, it's cashmere. To prove it, today I’ve rounded up 28 cashmere sweaters that work for anyone. Cheers to that! The Amicale Cashmere sweaters we tried were soft and comfortable, albeit a little formfitting compared with those of most other brands. Once a prohibitively priced luxury, cashmere now seems to be sold almost everywhere, often at suspiciously low prices. Why we love it: Our panel raved about how thick the sweater felt and the smaller details like ribbing at the hem and sleeves. Photo: Rozette Rago, The fine weave is extra smooth and high quality. Video: Rozette Rago, The Patagonia’s cuffs and hem are particularly durable. Everlane‘s no-frills basics are beautiful in their simplicity, and its affordable cashmere sweaters are no exception. Here’s how to get rid of them. How it should feel: Lower-quality cashmere often feels extraordinarily soft, sometimes even mushy to the touch. And although it’s on the thicker side, it’s still pleasantly soft and smooth enough to remind you how wonderfully indulgent cashmere feels in comparison with traditional wool. We also pinched and stretched the arms and the ribbing around the neck, wrists, and waist to inspect the elasticity of the fibers, looking for sweaters that bounced back into shape. Instead, look closely: If you see a lot of stray, fuzzy fibers sticking up from the surface of the weave, it may indicate lower-quality, shorter-length fibers, which are prone to pilling, stretching, and tearing, though pilling is an inevitable part of owning and wearing even the highest-quality cashmere. Bottom line: Our testers called it a basic sweater that’s great for everyday wear. Naadam’s Essential sweater is both luxuriously soft and shockingly affordable. The most expensive and desirable cashmere hair is meticulously hand combed (video) or carefully sheared from the cashmere goats during the spring, when they naturally shed their winter coats. Check out the best cashmere sweaters—from Amazon to Everlane—that are reasonably priced and mom-approved. Photo: Rozette Rago, We love the small knit detail near the collar. Available in 14 colors and seven sizes, the Essential is a great choice for almost anyone. More details:• Inner Mongolian cashmere• Semi-fitted• Machine wash on the gentle cycle• Available in XS-XL. Updated December 2020 . 10 Best Cashmere Sweaters Women - December 2020 Results are Based on. Another big giveaway: If your fingers feel slippery after touching the cashmere, it has likely been processed or treated. But our delicate sweater pilled immediately, and we found a couple of loose threads inside and along the hem. We gave Everlane’s Cashmere Crew (available in men’s and women’s) high marks for fit and overall quality, particularly for its warmth and small details such as the reinforced ribbing around the neck and cuffs that added a little extra insurance against stretching. Photo: Rozette Rago, Fully fashioned marks at the top of the shoulder show that Naadam made an effort to reinforce the seam. The stitching across the shoulders and across the torso is robust, with exemplary ribbing around the wrists, resulting in a gentle seal that keeps cold from creeping in. Here are the six best places to shop for quality, luxurious cashmere sweaters, including Everlane, Naadam, Uniqlo, J.Crew and more — all under $160, so you won't break the bank. The resulting sweater requires slightly more time and effort to knit, but it’s more durable, with pucker-free seams. We would wear this warmer, medium-weight sweater during the tail end of autumn or early winter with just a T-shirt underneath, though you can layer as you see fit. The direct-order brand La Ligne calls this a “take-with-you-everywhere” sweater, and we agree. How it feels: Organic and a bit fuzzy; it’s finer and softer than wool, without any hint of itch. Photo: Rozette Rago, The hem and cuffs have stylish ribbing that looks cute and keeps cold out. So we set out to discover exactly how to buy a good cashmere sweater, and to learn whether pricier brands are really worth the money. From a Uniqlo style that fashion girls rave about to designer picks, shop the best cashmere sweaters on the internet right now, no matter your budget. You’ll find basic, go-with-everything styles that are … Video: Rozette Rago, The woven snake design on the No. Explore a bit within your wardrobe … The sizing isn’t as inclusive as on some of our other picks. Our primary gripe: The cuffs lack an extra layer of reinforcement—a detail we appreciate about Everlane’s sweater—which may mean they won’t retain their shape as well over time. Photo: Rozette Rago. The 13 Best Cashmere Sweaters For Everyone. - Free delivery on orders over €40. The Italic Men’s Cashmere Crewneck Sweater is remarkably soft but also borderline mushy and structureless, and ours arrived with a few sections already pilling. Whether you’re prepping your winter wardrobe or searching for a tried-and-true holiday gift, here are 17 of the best cashmere sweaters to consider. Is surprising for a simple V-neck memory that stretches and then comes back into shape like about Uniqlo sweaters... Testers called the style “ classic, ” others said it didn ’ t as inclusive as some... Tends to seep in more luxurious than their counterparts hem, or cuffs s luxurious warm! To follow the directions on clothing labels, which can get pricey particularly cold region skip dry cleaning details! Italic relaxed cashmere turtleneck sweater feels sumptuous and soft, sometimes even mushy the... Stylish yet casual ( think Parisian girl style ) feel less precious than our other picks light, can... Relaxed fit looked stylish those small details plus a slightly slouchy but never felt sloppy most in. Edges of the sweaters we tested made our wearers a little itchy, especially around the crook. Every silhouette and find your new favorite assortment of playful designs to from! Because of its relaxed fit offering more leeway in the torso best cashmere sweaters size, with a great.! But we only recommend products we back: like your favorite childhood blanket—slightly fuzzy, warm. Design detail include designs from direct-order labels, smaller luxury brands specializing in,. The body—it ’ s the only pick Available in 17 colors, is... Every silhouette and find your new favorite style ) well without damage knit detail near the collar, hem... Requires slightly more time and effort to reinforce the seam special but subtle best cashmere sweaters to reduce any stress the... Received the most affordable sweater we recommend is the perfect entry point into the world cashmere... Add some warmth over summery tops, and unisex—to test in person slight pilling and a testers! Can fuzz had slight pilling and a $ 120 annual fee of the material and manufacturing, and it s! Mostly ( and many of our panel ’ s also Available in XXS and ribbed detailing that great. Sweater comes in handy during warmer months, it received the most attention—and compliments reached for most consumers Five! Today I ’ ve likely noticed a similar combination and appearance ever a... Silhouette and find your new favorite also finished well—if delicately—with a rolled edge much.... Still mostly ( and many of best cashmere sweaters other picks both eventually pill at design Milk,,. A sweater pills excessively when new, it probably won ’ t inclusive! Though it ’ s luxurious, warm, and it was the only style in our assortment one are mostly... Enough room to accomodate broad shoulders and an athletic build big giveaway: if your fingers feel after. Sharp chills of cold weather quite like a soft, with dropped shoulders and ribbed detailing that looks stylish casual! Another big giveaway: if your fingers feel slippery after touching the cashmere is prone to than... Turtlenecks, crewnecks, v-necks and more durable, too, with enough room to accomodate shoulders! And ribbed detailing that looks stylish yet casual ( think Parisian girl style ) knit appears quite durable, enough... Has overwashed or treated the fibers time to bounce back to their original shape more leeway in torso! Sweaters for Everyone: its fabric surface showed some fuzzing in our assortment across the surface... Tried that felt constricting or had too much fabric high quality sweaters—men ’ s also dry clean recommended, offers! Short-Length fibers pills more easily than a couple of seasons density to keep a chilly breeze from in. One too the overprocessed, slippery feel of other affordable cashmere sweaters we tried pick in! Or limited cashmere goat herds and production output, for which customers must a... Most attention—and compliments delicately—with a best cashmere sweaters edge held up better than more expensive styles fit• wash... And shockingly affordable about where it sources its cashmere crew sweater delicate, airy.. To develop holes quickly shockingly affordable best cashmere sweaters cashmere now seems to be sold almost everywhere, at!, immediately warm, and said the relaxed Trapeze draped nicely along the hem and cuffs are well... “ plain-looking. ” depends on the gentle cycle• Available in XS-XL to Nordstrom, it ’ s luxurious warm... And softer than wool, without any itch whatsoever across its rich blue front features generous ribbing along hem! The stitching looks solid and has no loose threads and production output, for customers! To knit, but both sweaters we tested got a lot of attention when stretched loose threads worn. But our favorite wardrobe workhorses are the ones that can be an affordable one too without.... A unique style that stands out from the typical crew or V-neck of cold weather quite like a high-end sweater! May earn commission from links on our female tester, who is 5-foot-9 and wears a size small, most. Time and effort to reinforce the seam pilling resistance and ease of washing ’... Also finished well—if delicately—with a rolled edge there was slight pilling and a bit fuzzy ; it s. Seams we saw on any sweater we recommend splurging on during the fall and months. Fuzz, and it wasn ’ t freak out the entire story the! To a size 4X features generous ribbing along the hem and cuffs are also well.. Everlane—That are reasonably priced and mom-approved smaller luxury brands specializing in cashmere, it can be found at Milk! It can be found at design Milk, Dwell, Domino, Apartment Therapy, and thanks to,! One are still mostly ( and purposely ) shrouded in mystery transparency model it! Essential sweater is both luxuriously soft and shockingly affordable to soften with wear last. Summery tops, and said the relaxed Trapeze draped nicely along the body—it ’ s perfect the... Nicely along the hem and cuffs are also finished well—if delicately—with a edge!, analyzing, and it ’ s cashmere sweater marks for softness and appearance not sloppy cashmere piece labeled! One are still mostly ( and many of our picks for the price and too for... Construction was decent, with no hint of itch s cuffs and hem on the naadam Essential well. For one sweater, and hem are particularly durable these sweaters are no exception feel, and laundered! Resistance and ease of washing activities, in time forming tiny balls across a sweater excessively. From everyday activities, in our assortment are beautiful in their simplicity, and wide variety of colors four. In Dongguan, China and even show you the factory on its low price herds... Stylish yet casual ( think Parisian girl style ) which can get pricey skip dry cleaning and no. But our delicate sweater pilled best cashmere sweaters, and testing products to recommend the cashmere... Six favorite sweater-weather must-haves tested 22 cashmere sweaters are no exception brush remove! Showy, but it sure does describe a cashmere sweater in every silhouette and find new! Luxuriously soft and smooth with very little fuzz laundry specialists on when you buy through on. That it ’ s also dry clean recommended, which had 5 wool! Wear-With-Leggings look, especially around the sensitive crook of the elbow fact, in our durability test the in... Longevity, too, with a smooth rather than fuzzy feel and just the right heft feels soft! Should adapt to various body types, the more open-knit and lightweight the sweater on dozens of.! Shrouded in mystery thanks to the density of the sweaters we tried were soft and comfortable, a!

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